Tensions Rise over Ouyoun Orghosh Incident

da Al Manar – 06/04/2010 Member of the Loyalty to the Resistance parliamentary bloc MP Nawwar Sahili expressed worries over Ouyoun Orghosh incident, calling on the judiciary to continue investigations until uncovering the truth and punishing  those who sought to cause chaos and tensions between the region’s people.

Speaking during a religious ceremony, Sahili raised a series of questions: “What do such weapons do in this secure region? Are such weapons used for personal and individual protection? Is it true that these weapons are Israelis by source? How can we explain the presence of this huge quantity of drugs alongside the weapons? Is it right that these people have a real political coverage?”

The incident took place on Sunday when the Lebanese army stormed the area of al-Mazareh, a nearby village, and found a weapons depot which also contained hashish estimated to be more than 1,000 kilograms.
The army burst into the area after a family, Karkab which hails from Baalbeck , came under gunfire and rocket attacks while it was having lunch in Ouyoun Orghosh.
One of these family members was injured.

The army had also arrested four people from Tawk family, and according to press reports, two of these arrested has admitted being members of the Lebanese Forces.
For its part, the Lebanese Forces on Monday denied it had any link with the attack in Ouyoun Orghosh, vowing legal action against media outlets for allegedly reporting false information.
“The accusations broadcasted by March 8 media are a forestallment of the Lebanese judiciary’s work, particularly that two of the suspects are still held at the army intelligence directorate,” the LF said in a statement.

The LF statement accused the media organizations of taking orders from “their masters behind the border to alter facts and distort the image of the party  which spearheads the independent and sovereign” movement in the country.
“The LF is making preparations to take judicial procedures against March 8 media that invented such lies,” it added.

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