Municipal Elections: Aoun Wins in Hadath, Loses in Jbeil…

03/05/2010 Peacefully, the first round of municipal elections, centered in Mount Lebanon, has ended despite a few fierce battles here and there… 

The picture was not the same in all Mount Lebanon’s towns… In some of them, “consensus” imposed itself, removing the “incentive” to practice the voting “duty” especially after “rivals” turned to be “close allies.” In others, especially in Hadath and Jbeil, battles erupted, making the top headlines.
Jbeil and Hadath witnessed brutal electoral battles between Michel Aoun’s Free Patriotic Movement and the majority March 14 coalition. 
According to initial results, Aoun suffered a severe blow in Jbeil. But in Baabda, the FPM dealt a severe blow to March 14 when the list headed by “Hadath Youth Solidary” won. 
Unofficial results on Monday showed that the coalition list headed by Antoine Efram was leading in Jounieh while the list headed by Nohad Naufal won in Zouk Mikael.
Advanced results also showed that the Phalange party gained victory in Sin el-Fil while the FPM appeared to be in the lead in Damour.
Results, meanwhile, determined that MP Michel Murr was the biggest winner in the Metn region. In the Shouf mountains, a battle emerged in Deir el-Qamar after efforts for consensus failed. The list supported by Dori Chamoun’s National Liberal Party and the Lebanese Forces of Samir Geagea came in first place. In Damour, the list headed by Charles Ghafri and supported by the FPM and the Progressive Socialist Party appeared to be in the lead. Consensus prevailed on the results in Aley and so in the various Druze Shouf towns where in Baakline the list backed by Walid Jumblatt’s Progressive Socialist Party and MP Marwan Hamadeh won.
In Borj al-Barajneh and Ghobeiri districts of Beirut’s southern suburb, the lists supported by Hezbollah and AMAL came first.

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