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Giovedì 24 a Bari, iniziativa sui rifugiati palestinesi!/photo.php?pid=1228534&id=1078936444&ref=mf

Libano: se attacca nostre navi umanitarie Israele subira’ le conseguenze’%20le%20conseguenze

Vivicittà nei campi profughi di Beirut

Hezbollah Considering to Sue American Administration…

da Al Manar – 22/06/2010 Member of the Loyalty to the Resistance parliamentary bloc MP Nawwaf Moussawi announced on Tuesday that Hezbollah was considering the possibility of suing the US administration and all those who collaborate with it to distort the Resistance group’s image following the remarks made by US Assistant Secretary of State Jeffrey Feltman. Continua a leggere ‘Hezbollah Considering to Sue American Administration…’

Il Paese dei Cedri e la corruzione

Piano energetico nazionale in Libano

A due settimane dalle elezioni amministrative

I diritti dei profughi e i fantasmi della Guerra civile

La cooperazione italiana in Libano

Beirut, i palestinesi ricordano la Nakba

Al Nakba day is a very important unforgettable memorial for NISCVT , each year all centers prepare well for receiving 15th of May to assure our belonging to Palestine, and to renew the promise of our right to return. Continua a leggere ‘Beirut, i palestinesi ricordano la Nakba’