NISCVT Services for PRS


May 2013
NISCVT Services for PRS


Over 5000  Palestinian refugee families from Syria benefited from our  in-kind-aids including provision of food parcels, clothes vouchers, financial cash vouchers, blankets, quilts, heaters and some other household items

  • Over 405 refugee kids benefited from our free dental Health Care services through our dental clinics
  • Over 453 refugee patients received reproductive health services treatment and counseling through our clinics.
  • Over 65 refugee patients received  counseling and psychotherapy at our family guidance centers
  • Total number of Syrian and Palestinian children from Syria enrolled at our centers reached 206 students.

General situation of PRS

Last December, the humanitarian situation in Syria got worse when Jordan closed the borders with Syria. Accordingly, Thousands of Palestinian refugees from Syria headed towards Lebanon seeking safety. The number of PRS is estimated currently to be over 57,000 registered persons (UNRWA records June 7, 2013). The majority of those families took refuge with relatives or friends inside different camp, who obviously cannot afford to rent own houses, a fact that is becoming a heavy burden on the hosting families who already suffer from difficult socio-economic situation. With over crowded houses and more than two or three families living in one room, there is no place for privacy a situation that increases social and behavioral problems. Almost 45% of these Palestinian refugees live in the Palestinian camps in the South (31% in Saida and 17 % in Tyre) and 17 % in the Palestinian camps of Central Lebanon, whereas 21 % live in Beqaa’s camp and 14% in Tripoli.

In January 2013, the social workers of NISCVT (National Institution of Social Care and Vocational Training), in coordination with ANERA carried a needs assessment survey inside the camps and some population gatherings. This gave our social workers an opportunity to know the families and their actual living conditions, and ability to choose the most difficult cases.   The assessment focused on a sampling of 669 households of Palestinian refugee camps across Lebanon. For each household, a questionnaire was completed based on interviews with heads of households.

In order to gain a wider understanding of PRS needs this assessment aimed at a broad range of issues:

  • Demographic and displacement history
  • Shelter
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene
  • Food and nutrition
  • Education
  • Health
  • Livelihood

The results of the survey show unmet needs across all the sectors covered in the assessment, as well as protection gaps and the critical psychological condition of refugees. The survey also shows that most PRS houses are overcrowded and don’t ensure individual privacy, with some one-third of refugee families living in substandard houses. The survey highlights the acute need for winter items, including heating, blankets and winter clothing. Although the majority of the houses have interior toilets and are connected to public water sources, more than half lack running water and an ability to procure potable water due to its high cost. Item related to water, sanitation and hygiene were found to be in urgent need by the vast majority.

The survey results reflect the situation of PRS at the time of the assessment and contribute to an improved understanding of the overall needs and conditions of PRS, which will help NISCVT and other humanitarian operations design and plan appropriate interventions.

NISCVT services for PRS:

Distribution of in-kind aids:

Since the beginning of the crisis, NISCVT in cooperation with different NGOs presented the refugees with various in-kind materials such as food portions, clothes, blankets, hygiene kits, kitchen kits, heaters and some vouchers to buy warm clothes and fuel for heating in addition to free services available at our ten centers inside ten camps.

Kind of assistance Quantity No of beneficiaries (families)
Food parcels 6058


Bread 1440


Food meals 197


Meat portions 135


Clothes vouchers 5485


Second hand clothes 8 tons


Financial cash vouchers 70


Financial aids 3320 $


Hygiene kits 5399


Children kits 280


Blankets 3991


Carpets 600


Woolen clothes 200


Woolen caps 50



Educational services were provided for the Syrian refugees’ children where many Syrian and Palestinian preschoolers were enrolled in our kindergartens and remedial classes as well. At the same time one class for special needs children was opened in our center in Bourj Al-Barajneh. From another side four special classes were opened in four of our centers for students who dropped out from schools and Syrian teachers were recruited for them who are more capable to coop with the kids’ special needs. Any job opportunities at NISCVT are also open for PRS professionals.

Class opened Name of the center No. of enrolled refugee children from Syria Remarks
Bourj Al-Barajneh 24 (12 Syrians + 12 Palestinians) 37 Palestinian and Syrian children enrolled in our existing kindergartens

12 Palestinian and Syrian children enrolled in our remedial classes

Special class

( drop outs)

Bourj Al-Shemali27 Palestinians  Ein ElHelwe29 ( 6 Syrians + 23 Palestinians)  Rashidieh35(25 Palestinians+ 10 Syrians)  Shatila22 Syrians

class  for special needs

Bourj Al-Barajneh20 Syrian children

Moreover, we gave the chance of PRS to join our vocational training project. So far we have 17 students in Naher ElBared center and another 17 in Beddawi joined a computer course. In addition, 12 girls are learning hair dressing at our center in Rashidieh.

Due to the fact that the overall socio-economic situation of the PRS living in the camps is very difficult we gave the chance for the Palestinian Syrian children to benefit from our family happiness project (sponsorship), so we included in the project many Palestinian families displaced from Syria in need for financial support and social follow up.

We are also encouraging the Syrian refugee children to participate in the recreational activities held at our centers such as music, scout, sports activities and drawing to help them overcome their emotional and psychological problems. In addition, our family guidance centers were ready to help these children by offering them free treatment sessions with our psychologists and psychiatrics and speech therapists.

Furthermore, a kermes was held in Naher ElBared center on the 20th of January 2013 for the Palestinian children from Syria to entertain them especially after the stressful situation they faced. A group of volunteers from Beit Atfal Assomoud organized this Kermes and were delighted to see more than 250 children attending the kermes where they played with different kinds of games for three hours, trying their best to win the gifts.



Through May over 1000 refugee patients approached BAS centers seeking treatment. The services included providing treatment for patients free of charge at our dental clinics in addition to professional assistance at the mental health centers and the reproductive health clinics for treatment and counseling. Youth, men and women are already beneficiaries from our peer education program and awareness sessions, tackling social, health and psychological issues.

From another side, a female Syrian gynecologist was appointed at Rashidieh clinic and a male Syrian social worker is now working in the reproductive health project in both Rashidieh and Bourj Al-Shemali.

Health services

No of beneficiaries

Dental care


Reproductive health care


Psychotherapy, psychological counseling in addition to psychomotor therapy and speech therapy


Finally, we would like to express our special thanks and appreciation for all NGOs and individuals who donated and supported the Palestinian refugees from Syria especially our partners:

-Fluchtlingskinder in Leban( Germany)

-JCCP and CCP (Japan),

– A.F.P.S (France)

–  Verein Fuer Die Unterst( Switzerland)

We also appreciate the cooperation of the following local NGOs:

-Welfare association




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